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Ideal Temporary Portable Event Fencing for

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** Event Fence Portable Fencing
is being used for
2015 NASCAR Coca Cola 600
Memorial Day Weekend!!

  • Special Events Boundary Fence
  • Instant portable Riding Ring
  • Kennel Runs and Yards
  • Ticket Lines
  • Special Occasions
  • Specialty Use
  • Photo Shoots
  • Traffic Designators
  • Livestock Containment
  • Petting Zoos
  • Fairgrounds
  • Starting Gates
  • Finish Lines
  • Holding Areas

Event Fence™ Fencing 
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"I just got back from Oregon. The fence is working out great!
We are already using it  and it's awesome! "



portable kennel and dog fence

"We have our ring in action and all set up! I am so excited and just love it! It looks so great and we have gotten many compliments!
I love it so much I've decided I'd like to save more money to make it bigger and better! Thank you so much for all your help and support!"
Emily Rzucidlo


The unique slip-board entry gate system allows for
quick set-up and easy entry!

Event Fence Portable Fencing  


 Event Fence for crowd control

Event Fence portable™ Fence


The ideal temporary fencing!  Perfect for crowd control, horse shows, or use it around the barn.  Use it as a holding pen against your trailer, oreasily and quickly set up square pens and even large round pens. 


This elegant two rail traditional ranch style fence can be set up in a snap.   The portable bases can be filled with sand or water, which anchors the post in windy conditions.  Fill the base, insert the post, top off the cap, hook in the rails and your walkway or pen is ready to go.


Easy to take down and store away or load into the trailer for the next stop.  With unlimited uses, choose your configuration by designating how many corner post, end post and line posts you need to complete your layout. 


Event Fence 48 x 48 using 12' rails.pdf               


                Event Fence 48 x 48 using 8' rails.pdf

Starting with 32 running feet you can add additional fencing in 8 foot increments. We have pre-designed pens available or custom make your own shape

Event Fence™ Tempory Fence  Event Fence™ portable tempory barrier fence  Event Fence™ Portable Fence     

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